Liber-Acción Perth: Politics and Theology from Whadjuk Country

Welcome to Liber-Acción. Liberation, Postcolonial and Contextual Theologies in the focus of an Euro-Australian student from Noongar-Whadjuk land (Perth, WA), currently living in England.

Respect due to elders, past, present and future. Academic and personal inter-sectional reflections on faith, coloniality and freedom. The main sections to the site are:

1. Comparative Theologies where I look at the theological disciplines/categories of “Dogmatics”, “Exegesis” and “the Public Square” from different perspectives;
2. Global Theologies where the universal problems of “Class/Economics”, “Culture/Race”, “Gender/Sexuality” and “the Environment” are explored globally;
3. Local Theologies putting “Liberation” (TdL, Feminist, Black, Queer, etc.), “Postcolonial” (vernacular, contextual, indigenous, etc.) and “North-Atlantic” (i.e. Euro-American) theologies side by side; and
4. Oceanic Theologies where I give special attention to settler and indigenous theologies in “Australian” (i.e. Aboriginal and European), “Pasifika” (Polynesian, Melanesian, European, etc.) and “Migrant” (i.e. multicultural, refugee and minority) communities.

You might find these main pages useful for navigating to the topic of your own research. For example, if researching a particular book of the Bible (cf. Comparative: Exegesis), a certain country (cf. Local: by country), or a theme such as wealth (cf. Global: Class/Economics). The section pages are where the ongoing work is archived. Some writings will find their way to multiple sections due to the interdisciplinary nature of the work (and the fact that categories naturally overlap).

Other resource pages are found in “The Library”:
Archives, for all posts in chronological order, and by “tags”
The Biographical Dictionary, an A-Z of individual theologians and ministers
Dictionary of Concepts and Movements, where words like “intersectional”, “modernity” and other jargon are defined as easily as possible
The Timeline Project, a decade-by-decade reading list of political, liberation and contextual theologies, at the moment the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

A recent project is to put the 2,000 year history of the church(es) and the 500 year story of the European project of colonialism/modernity into context, with attention paid to voices/texts of women, people of colour, minorities, heretics, the poor, and others who fail to meet the criteria of dominant history books, a “people’s history” of the church in society. 20th century and present day liberation and postcolonial theologies deal with ongoing legacy and presence of the colonial etched over the past five centuries since 1492. Following Enrique Dussel, Walter Mignolo and Ramón Grosfoguel I will explore the shaping of colonising and colonised history.

This site is a resource designed for students and teachers in religion, theology and mission to think about the tasks facing them in a still-colonial world. Here they will find the work of theologians, ministers and activists from around the world, past and present, who have brought the Gospel into dialogue with society and into action for the freedom of the people. The special focus on Oceanic perspectives will hopefully amplify the exciting and urgent work of theologians, ministers and activists here in our island homes.



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