Chaos Disappearing Research

Every day I churn through a whole lot’a information about different subjects I’m interested in… or even one’s I’m not so interested in but have borne a small parallel of some other thing I was wanting to say at one time. I’m a collector, a horder of information. I want to endless list and categorise and reorder and coagulate concepts. It’s just what I do. But after a while I stopped the hording side and kept up the churning, so now I hardly can trace back to where I found this point or that insight.

A journal would help. My brother journals in several red books, the collection of filled Moleskines lined up in his desk like an oeuvre, and in them he gets down fragmentary thoughts in one place, film designs in another, to-do lists scattered throughout and even gets his free-thought-association vomit down in the morning so his brain is clear to write. I should be doing my assignments which I’m refusing to even look at.

My web browser is full. 23 tabs full. I guess they are as good as anything else to spew forth some free thoughts about. I hate that I never blog and never remember what to write about when I come to finally add something.

The last page, Google Search: ouvre. Did you mean oeuvre? Yes I did. The next is Wontulp-Bi-Buya News from the Bible College. Finding those newsletters has been eye-opening. The Aboriginal Bible College is still in need of vital funding. There’s also the occasional papers, like this.

Oh and this ABC Compass transcript from when the Rainbow Spirit Elders were interviewed regarding Rainbow Spirit Theology, a book of indigenous Christian theology associated with Wontulp and Nungalinya colleges! This transcript might be the best online resource I’ve found so far to confirm what the book is about, as I haven’t bought it yet. Found out about Norman Habel. I always write that name as Normal Habel.

The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture Papers and Publications. Charles Sturt University. Good public theology papers from Australia.

The Charles Sturt profile page of Dominic O’Sullivan, author of Faith, Politics and Reconciliation: Catholicism and the Politics of Indigeneity (2005).

ATF Press. A publisher with interesting theology titles from Australia.

Came across a political theology site called thelevellers and researched the levellers and Richard Overton. He’s a crazy bastard, kind of Gonzo for the 17th century. Still gotta write on the theology of John Ball et al in the peasants revolt.

French Wikipedia: Théologie politique (translated, thanks Googs). The other-language Wikis have been helpful for theology timelines.

I was halfway through watching this inspiring doco on Jean Vanier and L’Arche (YouTube).

Found out the Australian-Cuban Friendship Society (1) exists, (2) exists in Perth, (3) does solidarity-exposure trips to Cuba! There have been a series of talks on recently concerning Cuba and the new era of open relations with the United States under Obama.

Rotunda Media is a new company in town run by young people, including on of the kids (now a woman) who attended my school. Check them out!

Black . Stumbled across it. It’s kinda like what I’m gonna maybe eventually attempt with this. Essentially a personal site, but exploring a common topic: in that case, Black Millennials… Kinda reminds me of Ifemelu’s blog in Americanah.

Almost all closed now. Now I can finally start clearing my desktop of the hundreds of amassed Word Docs, intros and intros and more intros and just fragments of ideas put together but not together. Gotta categorise and then list some more. Like will be better then says the neurotic inside me.

Oh shit. Last tab. A half written message to someone who took good exception with my last post on FB about something to do with Conservative-Liberal-Liberationist hermeneutics as a journey of theodicy, doubt and blah blah blah. I wasn’t very invested in the idea. He brought up good points. I start writing a reply two days ago. I know it only has to be brief. I want to affirm his points, apologise for any hastiness in my post — I wasn’t meaning to put conservative faith at the bottom of some evolving religion — and briefly say something about what I really meant. What was it I really meant? That’s what I stopped replying for. To find out.

I still haven’t.

I’m still not sure what my thesis should be about.

I’m still not done with my assignments but I should reply as well to another msg about it, this one encouraged but perplexed… Alex, how can I pose this question to a group who doesn’t use words like “vernacular” and “parochialism” and other pompous shit. Theology’s gotta be in the language people understand, which is something I understand but often forget. I could not bother replying. Such things take a lot of energy these days for some reason. No, what the hell. I gotta do it, that the “service” I’m offering with this website after all.

This is a boring post. Forgive me. It’s important that I start writing everything down just so that I am writing something. Hopefully something comes of spurting up in. auti questi ossi di seppia, o dio mio