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As you can see, the site has set up three categories of theology: Global Theologies, Local Theologies and this section, Comparative Theologies. These names are problematic, chosen for their contradictory meanings.

Comparative: All theology is Comparative, I claim. Certainly theology is only interesting because it is a sort of conversation or argument, valuable for its dialogic contribution to the society we are forming together. In this light I want to look at “Exegesis”, “Dogmatics” and the “Public Square”. The latter is obviously associated with debate, while Exegesis and Dogmatics are often conceived, despite their obvious context, as static and universally relevant. If exegesis is delving into Bible and doctrine about narrating the insights one finds in Scripture, both are zones of contest. We do not share one doctrine, and maybe that is a good thing.

The “Public Square” is my section for theology and pop culture, and all the things that piss Christians off or enthuse them, things that they argue about, like bioethics, or whether Ceiling Cat is a legitimate translation of Elohim (אֱלֹהִים). The good, the bad and the ugly — it’s politics — and this is my mischievous miscellaneous section. Keeping on the theme of political theologies, I guess, but more more talk and less action. Here is where I’ll feel free to take a poke at the trivial and the mundane.

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