Global Theologies


  • Class & Economics
  • Culture & Race
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Environmental

As you can see, the site has set up three categories of theology: this section, Global Theologies, as well as Local Theologies and Comparative Theologies. These names are problematic, chosen for their contradictory meanings.

Global: Under Global we have the social realities present in every local society on some level, the near “universal” problems of Race, Gender and Class hierarchies, along with which we must, I now realise, put Environment. These are the sins (in theological language) that have marked the human condition since the beginning, often backed discursively by religious thought. This, too, is a complex, multilayered and diverse set of phenomena and social relations, yet the results are especially globalised through world trade and the 500 years of North-Atlantic (see Local) imperialism in the world.

Theology is taken by some to speak of universal truths. I believe it speaks of worldly truths, rather, and that there is no “universe” (one way) to speak of, unless implemented by coercion. Hence I have Dogmatic and Exegetical work under the banner of Comparative Theologies, to highlight their contested claims, and North-Atlantic (“Western”) Theologies right alongside the Liberationist and Postcolonial Theologies that challenge European and American perspectives.

Global can name the world as one round globe without engendering a false unifying principle. Surely a Class or Gender or Racial analysis can fall into the universalising trap– as do some Marxist histories or critiques of the status quo that reflect back its false binary: black + white, male + female, oppressed + oppressor with no room for cross-contamination between “us” and “them”. The world is never divided into two halves, as much as the colonial tries, yet much of it has been divided by force, and we now experience a great many fractures not directly of our making.

Are there common challenges, causes and goals that could unite us, differently than the false unity of Western and Eastern imperialisms?

That is what this section is for. The subcategories are problematic like most of the site’s headings, overly simplified, but helpful for locating modes of thought that favour one approach or another.

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